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3D-print wind turbine to help power Africa

3D-print wind turbine to help power Africa

Aug 18, 2014

By Josh Marks,

Portable solar power has already taken off, but what about when the sun goes down? Could massive wind turbines be scaled down for personal use? Poznan, Poland-based 3D printer manufacturer Omni3d has developed a 3D-printed, foldable wind turbine that can generate up to 300W of clean electricity — enough to power multiple smartphones, laptops, lightbulbs and other small appliances.

The AirEnergy 3D can fit in a backpack and could be used for everyone from campers in North America to villagers in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to reports, Omni3D has ensured the device is open source so that anyone can build their own version of the wind turbine. The company claims it is focused more on giving back to the community and conserving energy rather than profiting largely from the crowd-funding campaign.

For every £2500 pledged in the campaign, Omni3D will be sending a fully working AirEnergy3D with pre-printed propellers to villages in Africa where energy is most needed. They also hope to help African communities build their own versions of the wind turbine.

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