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SkyPower Global donates 5000 solar lights to African villages

SkyPower Global donates 5000 solar lights to African villages

Jun 25, 2014

OTTAWA, Canada, June 25, 2014/African Press Organization (APO) ~ The Honourable Ed Fast, Canadian Minister of International Trade, today welcomed the announcement by SkyPower Global that the company is donating 5,000 solar-powered lights to South African villages without electricity so children can have light for reading and writing.

The announcement was made during Minister Fast’s trade mission to South Africa. In its 2010 Integrated Resource Plan, South Africa identified the need for more power generation from renewable sources to meet its growing energy needs and also to reduce greenhouse gases. Canadian renewable energy companies, including SkyPower, are accompanying Minister Fast on the trade mission.

Minister Fast’s 10-day trade mission to four countries (Burkina Faso from June 18 to 19; Madagascar from June 20 to 21; South Africa from June 22 to 25; and Tanzania from June 25 to 27) is focusing on the extractive sector and renewable energy and power, priority sectors identified under the Global Markets Action Plan. Sector-focused trade missions are part of the Government of Canada’s pro-trade plan to support Canadian businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, as they explore opportunities and penetrate new markets for their products and services.

Quick facts

  • Canada designated South Africa as a priority market in its 2013 Global Markets Action Plan.
  • Since its inception in 2003, SkyPower has grown to encompass over 135 employees, consultants and advisers in 35 offices around the world, who support development activities in more than 60 countries.
  • In Canada, the SkyPower team encompasses more than 100 people, including executive management, specialists, engineers, consultants, advisors and professionals.

“Raising awareness of Canadian expertise and technology, and sharing our know-how and best practices, helps our companies succeed in today’s competitive global economy while creating jobs and opportunities at home. SkyPower’s solar-powered lights initiative is a good example of Canadian companies helping children and their families in South Africa,” said Minister Fast.

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