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Celebrating those responsible for building bright future

Celebrating those responsible for building bright future

May 19, 2015

18 May 2015 – Johannesburg, South Africa: People make the impossible, possible; and when REDISA (Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa Plan) was gazetted, only a handful saw the potential of waste management in the country, while others believed that what REDISA set out to achieve, was unrealistic.

Now, almost two years since the first waste tyres entered the logistics network set up by REDISA, over 1 900 people have brought to life the REDISA Plan, and personally realised the opportunities to be found in waste.

To celebrate the South African’s who have proven that by thinking about waste differently, and welcoming the opportunities created by correctly implemented waste management, REDISA hosted a Recognition Awards Dinner on 15 May at the Sandton Convention Centre; Johannesburg.

“Today we formally celebrate and honour the individuals who have been willing to get involved and participate in this uniquely South African solution to one of the world’s biggest problems. We began implementation less than two years ago, and exceeding all the yearly set milestones in the Plan would not have been remotely possible were it not for those people who have made the development of this new tyre recycling industry possible.

The tyre manufacturers, importers, dealers, transporters, depot managers and recyclers are all essential parts of the chain that has resulted in over 1 900 jobs, the creation of 178 SMME’s and 95 499 tonnes of waste tyres collected said , CEO of REDISA.

REDISA recognises the importance of entrepreneurship as an economic driver and poverty eradicator. It also particularly recognise the opportunities which lie in the green economy, for all those that are able to create and identify sustainable solutions and reduce our carbon footprint in the world.

Over 40 individuals were recognised on the evening for their hard work and role in bringing the Plan to life.

Please see below a summary of some of the key categories at the awards ceremony and what each entails:

Waste into worth-This award recognises the person/organisation that sees the value of waste and the contribution that waste plays in driving the country’s growth though the development of a circular economy. The person/organisation that epitomises the REDISA ‘Waste into worth’ concept as a brand ambassador and has best realised the opportunities to be found in waste.

War on Waste– This award recognises the person who realises the negative impact of waste in the environment, and has made it their personal mission to clear the community in which they live of harmful waste.

Investing in people– This award recognises the person/organisation that has made a direct impact in their communities through community upliftment and development.

CSI programme– This award is in recognition of the person who sees the value in educating our youth around recycling and the opportunities that can be found in waste. He/she is constantly making an effort to educate and plant and water the seed in the minds of our youth given that the future begins with the youth.

Research and innovation-This award recognises the person/organisation that through their research has contributed to advancement and innovation in the field of recycling and economic development.

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