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Enermatics: Energy, light core focus areas in 2015

Enermatics: Energy, light core focus areas in 2015

Feb 2, 2015

As South Africa prepares for another period of load-shedding and uncertainty over Eskom’s power supply capacity, it is a safe assumption that the implementation of renewable energy and innovation when it comes to energy usage and distribution will be dominant themes in 2015.

This is the view of experts who continue to service the energy efficiency market.

Dr. Raj Naidoo, Director at Enermatics Energy, says traditionally South Africa has been reliant on subsidies to implement renewable energy. “The electricity price increases are now at a level where many companies can implement renewable energy without subsidies by taking a long term view.”

The increased relevance of renewable energy, as well as innovation in the way energy is used and distributed, will emerge as key influencers this year as the embattled Eskom struggles to maintain power supply.

“Eskom’s challenge to meet the demand for electricity is set to continue. The service provider has already implemented load shedding and likely to continue with this schedule because of maintenance requirements of various power systems,” Naidoo continues.

However, this situation of need and pressure will serve as a catalyst for change and more strategic ways of dealing with power supply.

Enermatics Energy believes that through technology and data, companies will introduce new ways of optimising energy through a mix of distributed generation and utility supply.

The quest for enhance operations and more effective application of technology will result in more municipalities starting to implement smart metering programmes, Naidoo explains.

Enermatics Energy’s view is that a significant number of municipalities are under severe financial strain. “Smart metering can help them lower operating costs and increase margins. We’ll see more municipalities implementing smart metering.”

Another noticeable trend this year will be the implementation of demand response programmes as a basis from which to proactively manage service delivery and customer interaction.

“Municipalities will look at improving reliability and margins through demand response,” Naidoo continues.

According to Enermatics Energy 2015 will be a make or break year in terms of energy resource utilisation and consumer behaviour.

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