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Enermatics Energy: Smarter power management

Enermatics Energy: Smarter power management

Nov 2, 2014

The way that utilities are managed is changing. With more than 15 years’ experience of providing innovative smart meter solutions, Enermatics Energy is committed to giving its customers control over their energy usage.

“Originally focused on helping municipalities better manage their utilities, the company has evolved to supplying smart metering technology, reselling power to end-users across market segments, and providing them with a superior customer experience,” says Dr. Raj Naidoo, director of Enermatics Energy.

With utility companies operating at or near maximum output, it is anticipated that there will be more frequent and wide-spread blackouts and brownouts. For businesses, lost power not only impacts the financial bottom line but can also cause irreparable damage to its brand. Consumers get frustrated by a lack of power which can lead to a significant cost impact in terms of spoiled food and other products.

The Enermatics solutions are designed to serve residential customers, commercial and industrial customers, as well as municipalities.

“Residential customers want accurate electricity bills and want to have the peace of mind that their metering is done correctly. Similarly, business owners want to reduce operating costs with more efficient use of their electricity. And from a municipality perspective, their key needs are better revenue collections and improving meter readings. A cornerstone of all three these market segments is smart metering,” he says.

Enermatics smart meters enable users to accurately monitor electricity usage, power quality, and the associated billing. The smart meter provides intelligence which enables users to optimise and improve their overall energy consumption. The Enermatics range includes the Single Phase Smart Meter, the Three Phase Meter, Wireless Remote Switches, and the Wattkeeper billing solution.

Both meters take accurate, real-time measurements to help save on cost. The remote switches enables users to programme schedules for appliances and critical loads resulting in improved control and smarter power management. The Wattkeeper solution generates bills and can manage smart switching schedules. It integrates easily into existing business management systems to ensure a smooth transition to smart metering.

“Our customers want solutions that take advantage of all the benefits that modern technology provides. Real-time access and the ability to control electricity expenditure that provides accurate information not only saves costs but result in improved business operations,” says Dr. Naidoo.

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