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Eskom says reduce electricity use, but no power cuts

Eskom says reduce electricity use, but no power cuts

Jul 8, 2014

Johannesburgers woke to a chilly below-freezing morning on 8 July 2014, following freezing weather and snow on Table Mountain and various other areas in the Cape on the weekend. The biggest issue for many electricity consumers, however, is whether or not they will have power through the cold snap.

According to utility giant Eskom, the system is stable, but the demand for electricity is expected to increase due to the ongoing cold weather predicted for Gauteng. Eskom warns that demand is expected to increase during the usual peak period of 5pm to 9pm and urges Gauteng residents to “pull together” and help beat the peak over the next month by using electricity sparingly, especially during those hours.

A statement issues by Eskom says: “We request all electricity customers to save at least 10% of their electricity usage and sustain these savings. Residential and commercial customers can make the biggest difference by switching off geysers and pool pumps during peak hours.”

Eskom spokesperson Andrew Etzinger says no load-shedding is scheduled as the utility have sufficient capacity to meet consumer demand. “The cold front moving up the country tomorrow is expected to increase the electricity demand, fortunately the grid is stable and we will see having adequate generation capacity to meet the peak.”

Consumers in Gauteng who are able to do laundry, dish-washing and cooking during non-peak hours are urged to do so, and advised to layer clothing and use blankets rather than electric heaters wherever possible.

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