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Eskom’s Facebook message celebrates Team Medupi

Eskom’s Facebook message celebrates Team Medupi

Mar 2, 2015

On Wednesday 19 February 2015, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown announced that Medupi’s Unit 6 turbine was running at optimum speed, paving the way for the synchronisation of the unit, which she expected to happen “within weeks”.

Browne said government was fast-tracking regulations to enable Eskom to boost its supply by signing contracts with private-sector power producers, adding that “by April 2015 this will add 1000 megawatts (to the grid)”.

On Monday 2 March 2015, Eskom took to Facebook to make the following announcement:

“Today, we celebrate the achievement with Team Medupi. The electricity flowing into the grid marks a new beginning. Within the next 3 months, SA will see Medupi unit 6’s full potential of 794MW being fed into the South African national grid. I congratulate Team Medupi, for their efforts in achieving this important milestone for South Africa.” Eskom CE, Tshediso Matona

Even so, consumers are still being asked to save electricity wherever possible and warnings are still being issued about load-shedding and organisations continue to remind South Africans that using electricity sparingly will prove a financially sound measure for households when electricity costs rise as expected.

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