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Ingenious: Inglorious fruits & vegetables

Ingenious: Inglorious fruits & vegetables

Jul 22, 2014

Some 300-million tons of fruit and vegetables are thrown away each year – purely because they don’t look good enough for consumers to buy.

French supermarket chain Intermarché decided to do something about this waste and came up with a campaign that not only got people thinking about this massive waste, it got them buying “Inglorious fruits and vegetables”.

According to reports from the European Union, The EU27 currently wastes 89 million tonnes of food each year – equivalent to 179 kg per person. MEP, Liam Aylward (Fianna Fáil, Ireland), said: “It is outrageous that almost 90 million tonnes of perfectly fine food gets wasted each year while an estimated 79 million people in the EU live beneath the poverty line and around 16 million depend on food aid from charitable institutions.”

With this in mind, Intermarché bought misshapen fruits and vegetables from their suppliers and gave them their own place in supermarkets. They were also given their own labelling and promotions, and cost around 30% less than the usual price. They sold out in a few days.

Take a look at Intermarché’s video and see how successful this campaign was. It may well be time that countries in Africa start doing the same, and citizens petition their local supermarket chains to sell fresh – though not very good looking – fruits and vegetables, so families can afford to eat the recommended “five a day”.

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