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Monitor sustainability performance

Monitor sustainability performance

May 21, 2014

With growing awareness of the need to conserve and manage the use of limited non-renewable resources and increased costs associated with doing business, tracking and managing your company’s resource consumption has become a key part of any responsible manager’s daily tasks. The Sustainability Management and Resource Tracking system (SMART) from SBS International allows businesses to track their monthly resource consumption against similar businesses by size, location and business sector, providing an effective performance benchmark against which to ensure sustainable consumption.

The convenient internet-based data management system developed by SBS International allows businesses to capture their monthly energy, water, travel, waste and other consumption data in a secure and confidential data file which then tracks performance against previous data as far back as three years to provide an accurate analysis of resource use.

This information is then automatically and confidentially compared against the aggregate data from other participating companies in the system to provide real-time evaluation of performance of the business. This allows the business to manage consumption far more accurately than by any other means and goes a long way in ensuring the competitiveness of its operations.

“SMART represents a very convenient way for the hospitality and services sectors to manage their consumption and sustainability performance in a simple, convenient and completely confidential way,” says Neal Dickinson, director of operations at SBS International. “The system guarantees confidentiality in data management, and information that is provided by the business remains at the sole disposal of the client” he adds.  Clients are able to amend and correct any information that has been added and they can draw comparative charts, performance results and set and amend targets for improvement using their unique access code.

SMART also provides the only performance integrated carbon calculator to clients. “Data that is provided by clients is measured against a set of local and international carbon measures by the system to provide a monthly and annual carbon footprint” adds Dickinson.  The Carbon Footprint database uses a set of measurements to accurately measure the footprint of a business, allowing more accurate reporting by businesses.

“With the introduction of a carbon tax in 2016, this will prove valuable and a helpful source of information for corporate emission reporting” he says.  SMART is available in a range of subscription packages and offers first-time users a sixty-day trial period at no cost.  Subscriptions are available from as little as R425.00 a month for full access.

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