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Open letter from African Climate Reality Project

Open letter from African Climate Reality Project

Jul 25, 2015

Johannesburg, July 2015 – The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP) has launched an open letter bringing together 47 voices from across the country including Greenpeace Africa, Promethium Carbon, People’s Weather, Project 90 by 2030, BirdLife South Africa, Change Agent Collective, Dimension Data, Anglican Church of Southern Africa Environmental Network (ACSA-EN), SA Wind Energy Association and more, calling for real climate action at the United Nation’s Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris this December. 

As world leaders prepare for the critical meetings in December, the ACRP’s Road to Paris campaign aims to develop public understanding and national endorsement for the South African government submission of a pledge that will begin to address the climate crisis. This African effort is part of a larger Road to Paris campaign by The Climate Reality Project working in eight key countries (including South Africa) around the world to advance climate solutions. The proposed pledge calls for three crucial actions:

  • South African climate negotiators to present South Africa’s final stated target for a low carbon future to the United Nations at COP21 – Signatories to re-commit to the constitutional pledge made by President Zuma in Copenhagen to reduce emissions by 34% by 2020 and 42% by 2025
  • Government, businesses and communities to deploy 40% renewable energy by 2030 to reduce carbon emissions and help address current energy and water crises
  • More climate change awareness and action.

“The UN climate negotiations in December mark a crucial opportunity for the international community to come to a bold, universal agreement to make significant emissions reductions commitments, including a long term goal for zero net carbon emissions,” said former United States Vice President Al Gore, chairman of Climate Reality. “But the Road to Paris will not end at COP21, and we cannot afford to gamble with the future of our planet. Solutions to the climate crisis are within reach, but in order to capture them, we must take urgent action today across every level of society. Now is the time for people all over the world to lend their voices to the cause and urge their leaders to take this historic first step.”

A full list of signatories to the letter includes:

ACSA-EN                                                                   Greyton Transition Town

African Youth Union                                                   Grow A Tree

Alliance Earth                                                             Hotelstuff/Greenstuff

Art South Africa                                                          Life in Balance

Bench Marks Foundation                                           Life Rejuvenation Africa

BirdLife South Africa                                                  Mezimbite Forest Centre

carbonTRACK®                                                         People’s Weather

Change Agent Collective                                            Project 90 by 2030

Climate Neutral Group South Africa                           Promethium Carbon

Dimension Data                                                          Raintree Solutions

Earth Patrol                                                                 Sant Antonio Coconut School

Eco Atlas                                                                     SAPVIA

Eco-Cycle                                                                    SAWEA

Eco-Logic Awards                                                       SCOPE

Enviropaedia                                                               SESSA

Exergy Enviro Group (Pty) Ltd                                    Solid Green Consulting

Fossil Free SA                                                             Tariffic

Future Africa Report                                                    The Alchemist PR

Generation Earth                                                         The Green Times

Geo Group                                                                   Think Community Initiatives

Giant Flag                                                                     think3dots

Green Ovation                                                              TRADE-MARK

Greenpeace Africa                                                        Urban Eco Life

Greenpop                                                                      Water Financial

South Africa has 35 million voices. If we work together we can achieve this ambitious goal.

To add your voice to the conversation visit for more information on the open letter or to sign the Live Earth petition uniting a billion voices to deliver a single message: Take Climate Action Now!

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