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Promethium Carbon offset carbon footprint with trees

Promethium Carbon offset carbon footprint with trees

Apr 7, 2015

Promethium Carbon offset its carbon footprint for the 2014 financial year by planting close to 100 trees at Skeen Primary School in Alexandra.  “The trees will grow and offset both our direct business related emissions such as travelling and the diesel generator as well as the emissions associated with our electricity consumption,” said Promethium director Harmke Immink.

“In line with our carbon neutral strategy, Promethium Carbon supports various carbon offset providers like Food and Trees For Africa FTFA,” she said. “Promethium has been carbon neutral since 2007 and, as a social responsible corporate citizen, continues to pursue carbon offsetting projects with co-benefit opportunities for the community in which we work and live.”

The trees were planted by Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA) as part of their ‘Trees for All’ programme. The programme greens, educates, offsets carbon emissions and transforms schools into healthier and more sustainable environments, FTFA said.

“The size of the 2014 carbon footprint of our consulting company, employing 13 people, was 33 tCO2.  International standards are used to calculate the carbon footprint.  A conservative amount of 100 trees can offset this annual footprint,” said Immink.

Cornelius Setshedi, Deputy Principal of the Skeen Primary School, said: “We are grateful to Promethium Carbon and Trees for Africa for choosing us as the recipient for this initiative. Our children live in the city and it is integral for them to learn about the importance of environmental sustainability.”

Promethium Carbon’s carbon neutral status has been verified by the Carbon Protocol of South Africa (CPSA).  Kate Bezuidenhout from the CPSA explained:  “Promethium Carbon achieved carbon neutrality through voluntary emission reduction carbon credits. One carbon credit relates to the reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide-equivalent from the atmosphere. The Carbon Protocol keeps a carbon register to avoid double counting of credits.”

“Trees are a source of life.  The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now.  Within a city context the planting of trees has less visibility than in rural areas, however it does not make it less important.  Everyone can make a difference, and everyone can plant a tree,” said Immink.

“Promethium Carbon may not have the largest carbon footprint, but we still have one.  Therefore we decided in 2007 to walk the talk and go carbon neutral,” she said.

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