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REDISA system wins international award

REDISA system wins international award

Aug 20, 2014

The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA) gained international recognition for its management system by winning the 2014 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award. The award recognises the innovative use of Oracle technology to address the global sustainability challenge.

“This award highlights to an international audience our hard work creating a management system which is an effective tool to build and grow a recycling industry, create jobs, deal with an environmental problem and at the same time make a significant contribution to reducing the national carbon footprint. Through our system we have been able to achieve a number of milestones, including remediating 28 811 tons of waste tyres,” says REDISA CEO Hermann Erdmann.

One of the important elements of REDISA systems is comprehensive and geo-located data collection. In order to understand the extent of the waste tyre problem in the country, REDISA deployed a mapping system which has helped to identify the sources of waste tyres such as tyre dealers, and waste tyre stockpiles. To date, 1683 waste tyre collection points and 96 stockpiles have been identified and mapped thanks to the IT system. Already, after less than 18 months of operation, over 50% of tyre dealers nationally are being serviced, and 743 jobs have been created.

REDISA is using mobile technology, running the same systems, deployed to REDISA depots and even to dump sites for data collection and payment processing. All of this data resides in a single environment, making access to information for reporting and decision making very powerful.

“The Oracle Sustainability Innovation Awards are about honouring customers who are committed to making environmental issues a priority across the enterprise,” said Jon Chorley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Product Strategy, Oracle.  “This year’s award winners showcased unique ways to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies through innovative green practices. We are thrilled to support their eco-transformation and sustainability success.”

Furthermore, relying on Oracle technology, REDISA is able to track carbon emissions created by the transport network of owner-managed businesses. The initiative is also able to report on the emissions created by the processing facilities as a result of the tyres delivered to their premises.

Previous winners of the prestigious Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award include retail corporation Walmart, Saudi Arabia’s National Guard Health Affairs and electronics company Ricoh Europe.

The award presentation will take place in San Francisco on 1 October 2014, at Oracle OpenWorld.

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