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South Africa: Water shortage a real concern

South Africa: Water shortage a real concern

Jul 16, 2014

According to the South African Government Association (Salga), South Africa will face a water shortage in the future. Salga councilor Pinky Moloi said earlier this month that Salga is aware that there will be a water shortage at some point in the future, but added that new dams will be built to deal with this challenge.

World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2014 report. lists water crises as the third highest global risk of concern. According to the report, this indicatesa continued and growing awareness of the global water crisis as a result of mismanagement and increased competition for already scarce water resources. Speaking about Salga’s annual report on water service delivery at municipalities at part of the Municipal Benchmarking Initiative in early July, Moloi reaffirmed the importance of educating people on water usage and management. SAPA reported that Moloi  said it is “inconceivable that, with all the technological advances in the world, contaminated water still caused deaths”.

The report says that management of water is becoming increasingly difficult as populations expand and demand for fresh water in expanding cities and factories increases. Any failings in planning, management and use in one country can ripple across the world, according to the report, and Moloi highlighted the fact that water security remains one of the most tangible social, political, and economic challenges faced by communities across the globe today.

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