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Total South Africa commits to better energy with Ricoh SA

Total South Africa commits to better energy with Ricoh SA

Jun 22, 2015

Total South Africa, the oil, gas and chemical company, has employed Ricoh SA to help it in its commitment to greener, more accessible, and more responsible energy.

Ricoh is transitioning Total South Africa to a completely paperless office environment and centralised records management in phases after beginning a managed print services (MPS) project for the business two years ago.

According to the Total South Africa project team: “The programme with Ricoh is part of our Better Energy campaign at a macro level and at the micro level an integral component of our move to Rosebank, where we have a 4-star green building as rated by the Green Building Council SA, from our current Sandton office.”

The Green Building Council SA says: “Green building incorporates design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and people. Green buildings are energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible.” It adds that green buildings address excess energy consumption and CO2 emissions, air, water and land pollution, waste disposal and natural resource conservation.

The programme with Ricoh SA will reduce Total South Africa’s CO2 emissions beyond what the MPS project achieved by reducing paper use in the office.

Phase One of the project sees Ricoh SA back scan five million paper documents that consist of financial and other business records that Total South Africa uses at its office in Sandton and stores offsite with Metrofile. Ricoh personnel aim to scan upwards of 80 000 pages per day to meet pressured deadlines. Total South Africa will move offices during the course of this phase of the project. Personnel in Total South Africa’s financial department will be trained to use the new digital system once the move to new premises is complete.

Phase Two of the project will then extend beyond the financial department to the remaining departments at Total South Africa. This will also be the point at which the organisation investigates streamlining its processes into digital processes. This will impact more than 900 employees in total and dramatically extend the scope of environmental benefits.

Benefits of digitising processes in phase two of the project include:

  • Reduced audit failures due to data loss, as well as business rules and best practices for audit and legislative compliance with SOX, assisted conformation to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act due to security and document tracking features, and future legislation such as the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act;
  • Replacement of all paper-based, error-prone work by automated, digital processes;
  • Digital archiving that reduces physical document storage costs and results in indexed documents with efficient and intangibly cost effective retrieval; and
  • Ease and flexibility of reviewing and approving documents.

“We expect return on investment (ROI) to be achieved within 11 months,” says Juan-Paul Balanco, global accounts manager at Ricoh SA.

Total South Africa will continue to store documents at Metrofile until it has incorporated digital workflows into its processes and thereafter only physical documents required by legislation and ISO certifications. That is expected to reduce the period of crucial document retention from five years to one year.

Total South Africa’s goal is to work smarter and improve efficiencies while still meeting regulatory demands. Sustainable environmental improvement initiatives such as this make a great deal of business sense, not just for Total South Africa, but also for its customers, which is why the company committed to its Better Energy campaign.

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