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US consumers’ behaviour ‘least sustainable’ globally

US consumers’ behaviour ‘least sustainable’ globally

Sep 30, 2014

Sustainable consumer behaviour has decreased since 2012 in five countries including the US and China — with US consumers’ behaviour still ranking the least sustainable of all countries surveyed since the inception of National Geographic’s Greendex study in 2008.

At the same time, the global analysis by the National Geographic Society and GlobeScan finds consumers say they are increasingly concerned about environmental problems with the majority (61 percent) in 2014 saying they’re very concerned, compared with 56 percent in 2012.

The analysis measures consumer behaviour in 65 areas related to housing, transportation, food and consumer goods. Compared to the study’s 2008 baseline, sustainable consumer behaviour has increased in nearly every country tracked since the first survey, suggesting consumer behaviour across the world is improving, albeit slowly.

Environmentally friendly behaviour has increased in nine of the 17 countries that were surveyed in 2012: Argentina, Australia, Hungary, India, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, South Korea and Great Britain. However, sustainable behaviour decreased since 2012 among consumers in Canada, China, Germany, Japan and the US.

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