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WasteCon 2014: Wired for waste…

WasteCon 2014: Wired for waste…

Aug 12, 2014

Hosted by the Western Cape Branch of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA), WasteCon 2014 will be held at The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West, Western Cape from 6 – 10 October 2014

The theme for this year’s conference is “Wired for waste: Value * Grow * Sustain”.

IWMSA says: “‘Wired’ implies that WasteCon 2014, our International Conference, is well positioned to provide solutions and inspiration for change and transformation.” The conference will feature a number of local and international specialists who will share their insights and learnings to date.  “The goal of this multi-day conference is to re-energise change and offer solutions for debate.”

There will be a focus on action by showcasing the advances and progress that have been made within the waste industry. The theme is described by IWMSA as follows:

VALUE – How we value waste as a resource will determine how much resources, money and time we are prepared to invest in the management thereof. The focus will be on affordable management options and alternatives through promoting innovation resulting in the application of sound economic principles. We need to realise a shift in focus from the conventional approaches to value-add strategies.

GROW – Growth and development has been a pivotal focus of our economic climate and continues to be an area where improvement needs to be realised. To ensure progress we need to change as our environment changes. Through transforming and integrating value-add initiatives we need to actively engage opportunities to promote growth. These may include entrepreneurial opportunities, job creation, promoting and supporting SMME’s (and in particular through waste minimisation and resource conservation projects), bring to fruition green energy initiatives. What better opportunity than an international conference to showcase your skills and expertise?

SUSTAIN – Sustainability does not only refer to the limitations of our ecosystem, but within that we have economic and social sustainability which also infer responsible utilisation by human beings. To live within the limitations of the biophysical environment, we need to embrace the three types of capital (natural, social and human) thus ensuring a shift in focus from traditional human-made capital ensuring growth that is achievable without compromising our future potential.

The organisation says this conference focuses on “ensuring action, action and action”.

For more information, visit the Wastecon website

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