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Zimbabwe Science Fair 2014 call for entries

Zimbabwe Science Fair 2014 call for entries

Oct 12, 2014

By Knowledge Chikundi

Zimbabwe is rich with young scientists, intellectuals and talent that only need to be nurtured. One best way of promoting the creativity of the young minds is through science fairs – and history bears this out: The 1963 Seattle Science Exhibit kindled the seven year-old Bill Gates’ innate excitement for science, the results of which was the creation of the multi-billion dollar empire, Microsoft.

It was the Science Talent Search in Germany just before the First World War that provided the young man, Fritz Haber, the platform to showcase his ammonia synthesis pilot plant. It was the young man’s procedure that led to the manufacture of fertilizers and explosives.

In 2012, it was the Intel Science Fair that inspired the 15 year old Jack Andraka to come up with a novel solution for the diagnosis of the deadly pancreatic cancer, an achievement that the Big Pharma had failed to make in decades.

The Zimbabwe Science fair 2014 is calling for entries from aspiring scientists, engineers and possible inventors in the age groups 13 to 15; 16 to 17; and 18 to 19 in the following categories:

The projects shall be in any one of the categories:

1. Inventions
2. Medicine
3. Environmental science
4. Physics
5. Engineering (chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical)
6. Chemistry
7. Agriculture
8. Computer Science and Applications

Submission of projects started on 15 September 2014 and will close on the 10 November 2014. Fifty finalists will be announced by 15 November 2014. The 50 finalists will then be invited to exhibit at the University of Zimbabwe in December.

Each school will be requested to pay $5 per project submitted. Companies are also encouraged to sponsor entries in this nation-wide competition. Get your entries off now – you may be the next Bill Gates or Neil deGrasse Tyson!

For more information and to submit your entries, click here

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