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Electro-Flex Partners with IBC Solar International

Electro-Flex Partners with IBC Solar International

Jan 30, 2014

30 January 2014 ~ Electro-Flex, a leading alternative energy provider in Southern Africa, recently became the sole partner of IBC Solar products in Southern Africa. This partnership will ensure that all their clients will receive the highest quality products and service that has made IBC Solar one of the global leaders in solar energy solutions today.

Cognizant of the growing need for solar energy in Southern Africa, partnering with IBC Solar was a natural development for Electro-Flex. Africa is starting to embrace green energy, migrating from harmful fossil fuels towards environmentally-friendly and carbon neutral renewable energy provided by solar panels. Southern Africa is one of few ideally suited places on earth for the use of the sun to produce electricity or to heat up water.

IBC Solar was founded in 1982 by Physicist Udo Möhrstedt at a time when solar technology was in its infancy. As photovoltaic pioneers, IBC Solar has had 30 years of experience and success stories, supplying customers all over the world with state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems based on their common values, management and business principles. Today the German-based company is active all over the globe, including southern Africa.

“We are honoured and excited to be a partnering with IBC Solar. As a global leader in photovoltaic systems, IBC Solar’s knowledge and experience can only benefit Electro-flex and its customers,” says Hendrik Roux, managing director of Electro-Flex. As a sales partner of IBC Solar, Electro-Flex will profit from IBC Solar’s more than 30 years of experience, its field tested knowledge and expertise in the photovoltaic industry, having successfully implemented over 150 000 projects worldwide.

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