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Form Ghana earns VCS verification in West Africa

Form Ghana earns VCS verification in West Africa

Jun 1, 2013

A project that aims to reforest 15 000 hectares of degraded lands in central Ghana and absorb more than 80 000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually has been independently validated by SCS Global Services (SCS) under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). 

Under the project, managed by Form Ghana, a forest plantation management company, natural forests are being restored and tree plantations are being established in the Asubima Forest Reserve.  The project will simultaneously generate fungible carbon credits and support the commercial harvest of teak timber and planting of native tree species.

In a two-stage process, SCS first validated the project plan developed by Form Ghana, followed by verification of its implementation. The SCS audit team interviewed relevant stakeholders, conducted on-site inspections and reviewed documentation.

The assessment was supported by SCS’ West Africa regional director, Dr. Richard Bonsi. The team confirmed that the project already resulted in the reduction of more than 5 000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions over four years on land that was previously degraded by overharvesting, bush fires and conversion to agricultural land.

Form Ghana has a land lease agreement with local land owners and the Government of Ghana for reforestation of approximately 1 800 hectares of the reserve. This lease is part of the presidential policy that seeks to restore degraded forest reserves in Ghana. This is a “grouped” project, which means that additional forest areas can be added to the project later.

“This project represents a win-win for the climate and for Ghana in achieving its national forest stewardship goals,” says Dr. Robert J. Hrubes, executive VP of SCS.

“Verification against a rigorous standard such as the VCS confirms the high quality of the project.”


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