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Gabon signs energy agreements

Gabon signs energy agreements

Jun 25, 2013

Important contracts in education, the audiovisual sector, infrastructure and agriculture were signed in the presence of Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba at the New York Forum Africa (NYFA) 2013. A strategic agreement in the energy sector is to be concluded before the end of the Forum.

The top priority of the NYFA 2013 is promoting foreign investment and creating jobs in Africa. The strategic agreements in the four key Gabonese economic sectors were concluded by Gabon and a number of international companies.

Richard Attias, organiser and founder of the Forum, welcomed the agreement.

“The NYFA is a call for action with extremely concrete results. We committed to this at the creation of the event. Today, we have the pleasure of witnessing contract signatures that will spur job creation,” he says.

A strategic agreement in the energy sector is to be concluded before the end of the Forum. The Gabonese Republic and Gunvor, a major Swiss oil trader, will agree on a development project for oil refining and oil product transformation. The aim is to create a trading hub for oil products for the entire Atlantic coast of Africa, situated in Port-Gentil, Gabon.

The first step of the project will be the creation of a joint venture, set up to commercialise oil products in Gabon. The capital of the company will amount to a million dollars, 55% of which will be owned by the Gabonese government and 45% by Gunvor.

To start activities by September 2013, Gunvor will bring in $500-million of working capital as a loan.

Further to the negotiations started in June 2012, a three-year contract for the construction and equipment of three professional training centres in different industrial areas was formalised between AVIC (China Aviation Industry Corporation) and the Gabonese Ministry for Education.

The schools will propose 10 educational tracks and will spur job creation in Gabon. A three-year training plan will be established to grow skills. Gabonese professors are to be trained for three years in China.

Eximbank, a Chinese bank, will finance the programme.

Located in Libreville, Franceville and Port-Gentil, each fully equipped school will accommodate up to 600 students on-site. The money invested for each school amounts to $34-million.

The project signed by China Harbor Engineering and the National Agency for Major Works (ANGT) will launch the transformation, expansion and development of Port Mole in Libreville.

The contract, involving six parties – ANGT, Ministry of Infrastructure, the Budget Department, General Directorate of Procurement, Public Treasury, and China Harbor Engineering – has an estimated value of $120-million.

Initially, a conference centre, a museum, offices, shops and hotels will be built on the 45 hectare site. In the second phase of development, Triumphal Boulevard will be built.

Founded in 2010, ANGT is a government agency whose mission is to support the Gabonese Republic in the planning and identification of major infrastructure projects that are classified as a priority.

These projects are organised by the National Infrastructure Master Plan (NIDS), which sets the guidelines, identifies critical infrastructure and plans for the development of the key economic sectors in Gabon.

These sectors include energy, industry, services, tourism, mining, agriculture, transport, housing, health and education. The ANGT provides control and enforcement.

To encourage sustainable agricultural development in Gabon, the signing of a contract between the ministries for agriculture, represented by the Minister Julien Nkoghe Bekale, and Valliance Consulting was formalised. Vallliance Consulting has participated in the development of Morocco’s Green Plan.

The signing of a contract between IG Telecom and Gabonese company Canal + Africa will contribute to development in rural areas, providing access to 100 TV channels via the Internet. The aim is to equip 3 000 homes in the period of two to three years.

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