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GTAP conference: Potential for Africa to ‘feed the world’

GTAP conference: Potential for Africa to ‘feed the world’

Jan 21, 2014

21 January 2014

The Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) is a global network of researchers and policy makers conducting quantitative analysis of international policy issues. Co-ordinated by the Center for Global Trade Analysis in Purdue University’s Department of Agricultural Economics, GTAP has organised an annual conference since 1998, where the exchange of ideas regarding global economic issues is facilitated.

The 17th Annual Conference will be co-organised by AGRODEP and held in Dakar, Senegal in June 2014, and will be the first time it is hosted in West Africa.

Importantly, the conference will give local African researchers to engage with high-level academics and economists from around the world. The focus this year is on “New Challenges in Food Policy, Trade and Economic Vulnerability”, with key areas for discussion including international trade and food security; international trade and finance; foreign direct investment in land and land markets; sustainable development; the integration of Africa into the world trade system; and the potential for Africa to “feed the world”.

To attend the conference or for detailed information, visit the GTAP website here.

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