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Help in quantifying green initiatives

Help in quantifying green initiatives

Jun 1, 2013

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) activity typically consumes 60% to 65% of IT budgets in organisations across industry sectors. 

As a result, the impact of green and sustainable initiatives will be greatest in this area.

Bettina Tratz-Ryan, research VP at Gartner, blogs on how to quantify the business value of green and sustainable IT initiatives.

“Given the role of IT in enterprise growth, many CIOs agree about the need for green and sustainable practices to reduce costs, achieve better efficiencies and improve productivity,” she writes.

“However, it is the lack of a structured framework – based on metrics to measure the impact of those green and sustainable practices on business and enterprise growth – that impedes CIOs from convincing CEOs and boards of directors to increase investment in this area.”

With the aim of helping CIOs overcome this impediment, and assist them in quantifying the business value of green and sustainable initiatives in their IT infrastructure and operations, Gartner has developed a metric-based framework – the Gartner Maturity Model for Green and Sustainable I&O.

In the model, five levels of maturity, four dimensions and their attributes, are outlined that underpin the journey to the top of the model. The most important aspect of this model is that it allows organisations to drill down across dimensions and attributes to identify improvement opportunities.


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