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Samsung’s triangular aircon: Energy efficiency, cleaner air

Samsung’s triangular aircon: Energy efficiency, cleaner air

Mar 14, 2014

14 March 2014 ~ In “Creating the Perfect Environment” and encouraging energy savings, Samsung Electronics launched a new first-to-market range of air conditioners in Johannesburg, South Africa earlier this week. With a unique triangular design that ensures faster performance, the AR09HSSFAWK delivers powerful cooling performance and cleaner air quality with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

Michael McKechnie, Business Leader for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa, says the triangular design is another first from Samsung, combining aesthetics, functionality and user experience into an improved product offering.

“Designed to be exceptionally efficient, the unique triangular air conditioner has a wider inlet, wider outlet and a bigger fan to ensure that air is cooled or heated and expelled faster (26%), further (14m metres) and wider (2 x wider)  – meaning that every corner of a room is reached,” says McKechnie.

The triangular design delivers improved performance by circulating cool or warm air faster, further and wider while Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology provides significantly greater energy efficiency. In addition, the Virus Doctor and Easy Filter together eliminate dust, contaminants, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

The new air conditioner features an energy-efficient Digital Inverter Technology with EER of 10.1. It can maintain the desired temperature without frequently shutting off and on, so it consumes less electricity. The Digital Inverter Technology helps users to stay cool for long periods of time, while using the minimum amount of energy.

“R&D and design play a key role in how we at Samsung develop our products as we constantly strive to improve our customers’ day to day experience with technology. This is the rationale behind this new range of air conditioners,” adds McKechnie.

Samsung’s research reflects that consumers require air-conditioning solutions that not only cater for all seasons but are also energy efficient and cost effective in the long run. Furthermore, the company is seeing an increase in concern around hygiene and health, such as the impact of air conditioners on sinusitis and other allergies. As a result, consumers want a low maintenance, smart appliance that provides ultimate health benefits that contributes to comfort and has a long lifespan.

“We have upgraded our entire home air conditioning range based on this new design in order to provide our customers with the most innovative and efficient air conditioning solutions. Samsung understand that in regions such as South Africa, air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity, and therefore we continue to innovate to best meet the needs of our customers,” concludes McKechnie.

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