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WWF-SA launches Climate Solver platform

WWF-SA launches Climate Solver platform

Sep 23, 2013

WWF South Africa (WWF-SA) has launched the South African chapter of the organisation’s international Climate Solver platform as a means to strengthen the development and widespread use of low carbon technologies that can dramatically reduce carbon emissions or increase access to energy across the globe.

The platform acknowledges the critical role clean technology (‘clean tech’) businesses have to play in driving the transition from a high fossil-fuel economy to a clean, renewable energy economy and was developed to raise awareness for these essential technologies and to communicate the value of innovation as an immediate and practical solution to climate change.

“Climate change is a global challenge that should be addressed by supporting the transition of the South African economy towards sustainable energy and resource consumption.

In this regard, climate innovations can play a key role in bringing about the desired transition,” says Living Planet Unit special projects manager, Louise Scholtz.

“South Africa has fared particularly badly on innovation indexes, and WWF-SA views this platform as a tool to support innovation in South Africa, by assisting in the identification of problems, barriers and challenges, faced by enterprises at the different stages of product development – research and development (R&D) and market uptake, as well as other hindrances that prevent the diffusion of these technologies to the wider society.

“Working collaboratively with other stakeholders, such as investors and policy makers – Climate Solver Partners – and targeting small and medium sized enterprises active in climate innovation, we hope to create an environment that will impact positively on these enterprises’ ability to develop the capacity to develop and roll-out innovative technologies.”

The platform, which was launched by WWF-Sweden in 2008, has been rolled out in China and India as an international platform that displays the best low carbon technologies worldwide.

The call for South African nominations is now open. Small and medium-sized clean tech enterprises are asked to apply as nominees for the Climate Solver awards. Following a rigorous adjudication process four Climate Solvers will be selected and their technology showcased at an award ceremony in March 2014.

WWF-SA will also produce a short video of each of the selected technologies that will be featured on the South African and International WWF Climate Solver Web pages, and which the enterprise can use for promotional purposes.

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