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Xylem, SA Water in strategic partnership

Xylem, SA Water in strategic partnership

Aug 18, 2013

Xylem Water Solutions South Africa, part of Xylem, a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, has announced a strategic relationship with SA Water Cycle Group, one of South Africa’s leading advanced water treatment and environmental solutions providers.

Reifying this relationship will allow both Xylem Water Solutions South Africa and SA Water to “solve water problems by providing advanced water treatment solutions”.

The strategic relationship will ensure the combination of Xylem’s world leading products with SA Water’s Intellectual Property (IP) and capability to expertly package and configure these into advanced water treatment solutions for the benefit of selected industries.

Water infrastructure in South Africa is under considerable strain with the country’s ever-growing population. In many areas, the existing infrastructure is either dated or simply cannot cope with the increasing demand.

Informal settlements and rural areas seem to be in dire need of increased access to clean water, as addressed in an article entitled Ailing Infrastructure Threat to Water Quality in the Country by Nkosikhkulule Nyembezi, which was published in the Daily Dispatch in December 2010.

While there have been attempts from both government and the private sector over the past few years to address this issue, the need for quality water remains a matter of great concern.

Xylem Water Solutions South Africa and SA Water have therefore combined efforts to offer containerised and packaged water treatment systems, with a specific focus on the mining, food and beverage and government sectors.

These solutions afford users pre-engineered systems of treating wastewater and are available in various sizes ranging from 10 cubic metres an hour to 5-million cubic metres per day process dependent.

There are many benefits to using these containerised and packaged water treatment systems. Adaptable to various raw water sources including dams, rivers and boreholes, they boast a robust design ensuring that the systems can be used in the toughest conditions. They are fully automated and require limited intervention by water treatment personnel.

The systems are built from high quality materials, providing clean water and system longevity. Additional benefits include reduced commissioning and installation time, and the fact that the systems are easily movable and reusable. These systems can be purchased outright or are available on a rental agreement with an operations and maintenance service.

Gerhardt Crous, Treatment business unit Manager at Xylem Water Solutions South Africa, says “We are looking forward to this joint venture with SA Water, as we are always seeking new ways to enhance our service offering to both new and existing clients.”

Manuel Pereira de Canha, CEO of SA Water, says, “We are extremely excited at the prospect of this strategic relationship between SA Water and Xylem Water Solutions South Africa. It will differentiate us and allow us to move up the value chain. More importantly, this will allow us to address specific market needs in providing sustainable cost effective solutions to our customers.”

With the growing need for clean, accessible water and with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability, Xylem Water Solutions South Africa and SA Water have found a perfect strategic relationship in each other to solidify both entities’ commitment to these ideals.

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